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Archery Report

Thu, 07 Aug 2014  10:47

There was a good turn-out of archers at Greeba on Sunday morning for the weekly competition.  The weather had cooled down a little and there was a nice balmy breeze which did not hinder the shoot.  The senior archers shot a World Archery round – 70 metres for the recurve archers on a 120cm target face and 50m for the compound archers on the smaller 80cm face, each division shooting a total of 72 arrows.  It was very good to see a total of five recurve gents on Sunday, the number being elevated by the presence of Manx archer Ethan Moore who was over on holiday.  Ethan has recently returned to archery after a break and certainly showed that this has done him no harm as he dominated from start to finish taking first place with a score of 530,  ahead of Tony Hartley on 512 and then followed by last week’s winner Thomas Bott in third place scoring 451.  Ethan in working towards a qualification score for selection to shoot in next year’s NatWest Island Games by shooting competition rounds at various venues in the UK during the coming months and certainly is showing promise.  Once again the compound gents had a three-cornered fight to the finish. Peter Mumford started strongly but by the end of the fourth dozen Dave Moore had eased ahead by 2 points with Colin Moore now struggling to keep pace with the other two.  Dave continued to score well to the end and stayed in front of Peter eventually taking the round by a total of 632 to 627.  Joy Gough being the only lady shooting, shot this round with the Gents and finished on 611.


The Junior archers elected to shoot another round towards their Summer Metric postal competiion (the highest score gained during July and August to be submitted for a National Postal Competition).  Compound archer Kirsten George, fresh from her medal exploits in Moscow, shot a great round of 691 out of a possible 720, but vowed to increase this before the end of August for submission onwards.  Junior Gents, Bradley Layton, Joseph Reaney and James Hill also shot their respective rounds for the Summer Metric postal.  Bradley finished with a score of 516, Joseph with 389 and youngest archer James finished on 488.  All these boys will have at least one more chance to improve their scores for their rounds.  Compound archer and Island Senior Champion Aalin George took the opportunity to shoot a practice round to run in her new release aid and unsurprisingly equalled the score of younger sister Kirsten – these girls really do work well together.


The afternoon was due to be given over to a social gathering on the field with local Greeba Residents, but heavy rain at 2pm meant that this was not viable and therefore we will be pleased to hold this next Sunday afternoon (again weather permitting).



Gents Recurve: Ethan Moore 71/530/7/1, Tony Hartley 71/512/7/4, Thomas Bott 71/451/6/2, Rhys Moore 61/391/1/0, Danny Cowin 64/372/0/0

Gents Compound: Dave Moore 72/632/15/7. Peter Mumford 72/627/17/3, Colin Moore 71/587/14/7

Ladies Compound: Joy Gough 72/611/14/5

Junior Ladies Compound: Kirsten George 72/691/45/13

Junior Gents Recurve: Bradley Layton 71/516/10/1, Joseph Reaney 70/389/2/0, James Hill 69/488/11/5

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