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Ayre Clay Target Club Report

Mon, 14 Jul 2014

Twenty two shooters took part in the fourth round of Ayre Clay Target Club’s down the line summer league competition, kindly sponsored by Dave and Pam Corlett.


Leader after the first 25 was Phil Ward, shooting 25 straight with one second barrel for 25/74.  Nigel Kelly was two points behind on 25/72 with Mike Walker third on 25/71.


Ward shot a flawless 25/75 in the second round to take the win.  Bob Corlett also shot straight in the second round to take second place on 49/144.  Kelly was third with 48/141.



A/B Class: 1, Phil Ward 50/149; 2, Bob Corlett 49/144; 3., Nigel Kelly 48/141.

C Class: 1, Nigel Moffatt 47/138; 2, Jack Kneen 47/136; 3, Jeff Corkill 47/133.


Eight shooters carried on for the 100 league.  Phil Ward won this with 97/290.  Mike Walker was second on 97/280 with Bob Corlett third on 94/276.


The afternoon’s double trap league shoot was won by Jake Keeling with a score of 52/60.  Kevin Oates was second on 46 with Harvey Wood third on 44.


This Saturday is the annual Pheasant Flush Manx Championship.  Setting up for this will be from 1pm with the competition starting at 4pm.   Please try to help with the setup.

Sunday’s shoot is the English Skeet Manx Championship.  Entries close at 10.15am prompt

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