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Riffle Shooting - Continued success for locals in the Ulster Counties Winter Postal League

Wed, 27 Nov 2013

Results for round 2 of the Ulster Counties Indoor Postal League and we have 44 locals involved and they are continuing to generally maintain excellent positions throughout the 22 leagues. I will just list the Division positions and the teams they represent and I hope I have included all of those involved.

Division 1 – Kevan Kneale (PSM) 7th. Division 2 – Ashley Gardner (PSM) 7th.

Division 3 – Richard Arthur (IoMSC) and Suzanne McKnight (KM) = 2nd.

Division 4 – Ashley Gardner (Jnr) (PSM) 2nd, Jess Clague (Sulby & Dist.) 3rd, Chris Birtwhistle (CSTN) 5th, Harry Harrison (PSM) 9th.

Division 5 – Mike Clague (IoMSC) 1st, Lorrie Thompson (CSTN) 9th.

Division 6 – Barry Jones (S & D) 3rd, Tony Kneale (IoMSC) 6th, Gary Knight (PSM) 10th.

Division 7 – Kevin Quinn (KM) 8th.

Division 8 – Chris Clague (S&D) 6th, Dave Bould (PSM) 10th.

Division 9 – Nick Brown (IoMSC) 2nd, Mike Thompson (CSTN) 7th.

Division 10 – Jaccie Hamilton-Jones (S&D) 1st, Fergus Coulter (S&D) 2nd, Steve Callus (IoMSC) 3rd, Ean Brewis (PSM) 9th.

Division 11 – Perryn Callister (KM) 1st, Liz Jones (IoMSC) 3rd, Robin McFee (CSTN) 4th, Sandie Skuszka (CSTN) 6th, Peter Lewis (PSM) 9th.

Division 12 – Tracey Skelton (IoMSC) 3rd, Graham Brown (PSM) 7th.

Division 13 – Dave Lord (KM) 1st.

Division 14 – Richard Faragher (S&D) 7th.

Division 15 Illiam Christian (KM) 1st, Callum Grant (PSM) 4th, Ronnie Fairbairn (S&D) 7th, Patrick Kerr (PSM) 8th, Orry Kerr (PSM) 9th.

Division 16 – Alex Trafford (KM) 2nd.

Division 17 – Dave Handscombe (CSTN) 1st, Rod Forshaw (S&D) and Aaron Astill (IoMSC) = 6th.

Division 18 – George Powell (PSM) 1st, Jordan Kiernan (PSM) 4th.

Division 21 – Lauren Cooper (CSTN) 1st.

            In the junior leagues, the Island is well represented with ten juniors involved in four of the seven leagues.

Division 1 – Ashley Gardner (PSM) 1st.

Division 2 – Illiam Christian (KM) 2nd, Graham Brown (PSM) 6th, Orry Kerr (PSM) 9th.

Division 3 – Alex Trafford (KM) 1st, Callum Grant (PSM) 2nd, Patrick Kerr (PSM) 5th, Aaron Astill (IoMSC) 7th.

Division 4 – Graham Powell (PSM) 1st, Jordan Kiernan 5th.

            In the team event, the Island has just 3 teams entered, two of which are leading their leagues in Division B the Castletown A team of Chris Birtwhistle, Lorrie Thompson and Mike Thompson are currently in third position. In Division C, the Kirk Michael team, Suzanne McKnight, Kevin Quinn and David Lord are leading and in Division F, the Castletown B team of Robin McFee, Dave Handscombe and Lauren Cooper also hold a commanding lead.

            The Isle of Man Shooting Club have eighteen shooters entered in the Ulster Counties Outdoor Postal League and some excellent scores produced for round two have converted into even better league positions for many. The club is represented in all of the 6 divisions. Division 1 – Mike Duncalf 1st, Bill Jones 7th.

Division 2 – Tom Lord 1st, Ashley Gardner (Snr) 6th.

Division 3 – Barry Jones 2nd, Richard Arthur 3rd, Paul Smethurst 4th, Mike Clague 7th, Perryn Callister 9th.

Division 4 – Dave Bould and Tony Kneale are equal 3rd, Steve Callus 6th.

Division 5 - Illiam Christian 1st, Andy Traynor 3rd, Alex Trafford 4th, Liz Jones 5th.

Division 6 – Tracey Skelton 1st, Aaron Astill 8th.

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