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Archery Report 23rd September 2013

Mon, 23 Sep 2013

The final senior shoot of the outdoor season was held on Sunday and this was an annual fun round called the Long Haul Challenge which was devised by the late Nev Mason.  Nev, a longbow archer, devised a handicap round (which is held annually) to encourage people to shoot their bows without aids ie. no stabilisers, no clickers, no sights and of course this excludes compound bows.   On a sunny Sunday morning at Greeba, seven of the eight archers who turned out to shoot this round chose to shoot barebow, only Simon Musgrove opting for his longbow,  no penalties being imposed for using any sighting aids.  The distances were 60 yds and 40 yds, but using metric scoring.  Tony Hartley who won the trophy last year, was missing for Thursday night’s practice, but nevertheless romped away with the trophy again this year, scoring a magnificent total of 501 points. The nearest score was  from Dave Moore with 417, followed by Colin Moore with 405.  There was a great deal of friendly banter during the shoot, with everyone thoroughly enjoying this light-hearted competition.  Tony will be presented with the much-admired Nev Mason Long Haul Trophy at the Prize Giving at the end of the Season.


In the afternoon the three recurve junior gents shot a Junior National round (40 yd and 30 yd distances).  This was won by Bradley Layton, the most experienced of the junior gents, with a score of 572, followed by an ever improving Josh Trafford with 470 and then younger Jack Tyrer taking third place with a score of 334.


These rounds complete the competition calendar for the outdoor season.  Sunday next week will be dedicated to annual equipment/ground maintenance at Greeba (weather permitting) meeting at 9.30 am. Please come along to help with all the necessary work. 


The indoor competition season commences at Onchan Community Centre on Sunday 6 October, 10 am for  10.30 am, or 1.30 pm for 2 pm start.  The first Club Night will be on Thursday 3 October from 7 pm for Juniors and 8.30 pm for Seniors.




Long Haul Challenge: Tony Hartley 69/501/7/1, Dave Moore 67/417/2/1, Colin Moore 66/405/4/0, Peter Mumford 64/397/3/1, Billy Lightfoot 67/373/1/0, Danny Cowin 64/314/3/0, Rhys Moore 36/153/1/0 and Simon Musgrove (longbow) 39/144/0/0


Junior National: Bradley Layton 70/572/42, Josh Trafford 72/470/19, Jack Tyrer 64/334/5/0

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