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Tuition fee vote pushed back to February sitting of Tynwald

Wed, 16 Jan 2013  08:05

Yesterday's Tynwald debate into University tuition fees went well into the evening.

Like many anticipated the all important vote was postponed for another month.

The deferment came as Education and Children Minister Tim Crookall presented a revised package to Tynwald with a number of amendments and concessions for the University students.

Minister Crookall outlined how the new proposal raised the means-test threshold from 80 to £100,000 for those families making larger annual contributions.

As it stands the families will still have to pay out a minimum of £2,500 per annum.

The talks were held against a backdrop of protest, with dozens of sixth form students gathered outside the Tynwald court throughout the day.

The vote was moved to February's sitting after a number of members claimed the revised proposal had come too late in the day, and they'd need more time to consider it.

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